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Description of the pick-up service for the Tenerife South Airport (Reina Sofia-TFS) for travelers using wheelchairs
How does the pick-up service work?

When you arrive at the South Airport, you will be transported by the airport's handicap service team from the aircraft to the baggage claim area. Sometimes this will be done using your own wheelchair and sometimes with a wheelchair belonging to the airline, in which case your wheelchair will be delivered to you in the baggage claim area.

The conveyor belts, on which your luggage is delivered to you, are located In the baggage claim area. The carrousel on which your luggage will be delivered will be indicated on the display boards you will see as you enter the baggage claim area.

If you are not accompanied by someone who can carry your luggage for you, please inform the airport’s handicap service team, so that you can be helped. We remind you that this is an airport service which is free of charge. The free transportation of handicapped passengers inside the airport’s installations is settled by European Law.
Since 26th of July 2008 you need to declare your individual requirements concerning your handicap. This can be arranged by your tour operator, your travel agency or by yourself.
If you book a transfer with us, we carry this out for you, at the airports Tenerife South and North!

We know that a trip always involves tension and anxieties that can cause stress. 
Where are the bags?
Where is my wheelchair?
Where can I get my other equipment?

You have so many questions. 

All these and related questions are normal and understandable and will be answered by the airport’s handicap service team. They are bound by law to accompany you to the meeting points. At these points outside of the baggage claim area we can receive you „OroBus“-like. From this moment on we are in charge!
Should you notice any damage to your luggage or aid devices, please inform the airport’s handicap service team, so that they can direct you to the place to make a claim (Luggage Claim). You must make this claim personally (make sure you have your baggage claim checks and your ticket) before you leave the airport. You should insist on written confirmation of the transaction!

Approximate travel times to the various destinations: 

The trip to Los Cristianos or Playa de las Americas takes approximately 20 minutes, the trip to Costa Adeje or Calao Salvaje is about 30 to 40 minutes. You will reach Los Gigantes in about 1 hour and Puerto de la Cruz in about one and a half hours.

Our recommendations:

Carry your medications in your carry-on luggage. If this is too much for you to carry, then carry with you at least the amount you will need for 3 days, since 99% of lost baggage turns up after 3 days or you can obtain replacement medication locally.
Familiarize yourself with your aid devices, so that you are able to perform the tasks that are required by the airline regulations (e.g. removing batteries according to regulations and many other such tasks).
Do not load any other baggage on the aid devices. Remove the loading and steering devices and stow these in the luggage. Adjust your device to the „push function,“ so the airport personnel will not have to strain themselves needlessly to transport you.
In the baggage claim area there is also a restroom designed for people using a wheelchair. If you want to use it, please ask the airport’s handicap service team to accompany you to the restroom. These persons are not allowed to carry out nursing care.
We wish you a pleasant trip and a restful stay in Tenerife.
Your Orobus Team


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